Futbol Canada

Management Team

Nicolás Martínez


Carlos Aguilera


Daniel Fuchs

Europe Director

Fernando Paparamborda

Marketing Director


In NSI we develop the football skills of the soccer player, strengthening all his areas: intellectual, physical, social, sports and football.
Achieving his maximum potential in an ecological,
natural, and therefore sustainable way. The athletes are the core of all our decisions, which
is why our corporation is built on the foundation of
your wellness.


Business Overview

Recruit the best future talents and develop them to their
full potential, allowing a unique money gain in the


Train men and women in practice, training, technical

direction, administrative and commercial of the sport

with the largest global audience.

Introduce football show at the next venue for the 2026

FIFA World Cup.


A club in
Canadá will show the football show that is our pillar. From there the players will enter big leagues like MLS (Major
League Soccer) or Europe Leagues.

The club in Uruguay will be the platform for attracting and developing talent in South America,
África and Asia.

Camps and academy

The camps (intensive training from 7 to 14 days) show the potential of our methodology to new talents.

The academy (quarterly, semester and annual programs), they are the field of development of those who already trust our

method, as well as the talents that we detect with potential.

Junior, High Schools and College
Training in institutes associated with young promises.

We will develop university programs for coaches, physical trainers specialized and managers, with FIFA

methodologies, added to our development methodologies.

We have technology that measures the movements of the players in real time on the court, allowing to evaluate their skills

and similarities with other players in the world.

Market Summary

Sports are the only mass
communication show, who retains
and increases the audience. Permanent growth in billing. Always footbal the supreme leader.

Canadá will be the epicenter of soccer in the next 4 years, since it will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Americans are beginning to find a passion for football. For that reason, we will create the Football Show.

Location in Canadá and Uruguay,
we will contribute players of

proyection, with great potential for brands and companies. Providing a comprehensive and sustainable show, attractive to viewers and companies.


Carlos Aguilera


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