Skill and Development Programs:

Our programs are designed to help athletes of different levels to advance and develop through professional training designed accordning to LTPD format, Grassroots U4-U12, Socer for life U13+ for each player and team to best suit their strengths, improve weaknesses and areas needing development. We focus our training on supporting kids to reach their maximum potential in all aspects of soccer.

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  • Provide early opportunities for children to learn bassic soccer elements, Mastering Proper Fundamental movement skill, Player and Ball, have fun and passion for play


FUNDAMENTALS U6-U8 Female U6-U9 Male

  •  Training in Physical Literacy (CSA Program) Develop Agility, Balance, Coordination, Ball control, Co-operative play, Awarness of enviroment, game intelligence


LEARNING TO TRAIN U8-U11 Female U9-U12 Male

  •  Training Physical Literacy CSA Program, Speed, Agility, Flexibility and Skiils, Technical skills and socer related movements developed, Desicion making, Motivation, inisiative, imagination, desire to play

TRAINIG TO TRAIN U11-U15 Female U12-U16 Male

  • Identify Elite Plyers, Discipline, Agility, Endurance, core strengh and stability, prevention and care of injuries. Advance Techniques, Position-specific skills. Team work, Poistional awareness. Competitive games, setting goals, coping winning and losing. 



    - Strength, Conditioning and Speed
    - Speed and Agility Training

    Technical and Tactical Training:
    - Functional training (position)
    - Attacking and defensive play principals
    - Small sided games
    - Solving tactical problems

    Skill development:
    - Passing, Heading, Dribbling, Trapping/Control, Shooting

    - Camps
    - Futsal





2017 Indoor Season


We are please to announced our New Coaching Staff to provide players with professional soccer training to continue with his development 

Be part of our FTFC family this Fall/Winter Season



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